Values: Simply Put, We Value People.

Discover what sets Evolution XM apart from the pack. We Grow Brands.

From a two person street team to a 4000 person gala with two former US Presidents, we have done it all. But who are we really? We are the idea people. We are the execution people. We are the people that take your goals and objectives and turn them into results.


Anyone can throw a good party. Anyone can organize a sample team. At Evolution XM we take your product and campaign goals and integrate them into every experience we design. With product and campaign goals in mind we are able to design an experience that is not only fun and exciting for your consumers but also offers you a measurable return on your investment in order to determine the true success of the activation.

Work Under Pressure:

What ultimately sets us apart from everyone is our ability to excel under pressure. When we are in the thick of it we are at our best. As much as anyone can anticipate and plan, not all executions go perfectly. The skill is in knowing when and how to adjust your plan in order to achieve the desired end result. When a plan is executed properly there is no road block that we can’t solve.



Our Staff

This is the most valuable part of our business. Skills and expertise are taught through experience but attitude and personality are qualities that cannot be taught and are at the core of our team. They make us look good!

Our Clients

In order to offer the best service to our clients Evolution XM immerses itself in the culture and community of our clients. When you experience challenges, we feel those challenges. When you succeed, we feel that success. Evolution XM strives to work with the best clients because they become a part of who we are.

Your Customers

Our business is to know your customers. Our expertise is to know what they want, what they need, and how to reach them. Our job is to create a concept and execute it in a way that tells your story so that it resonates with your customer.

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